Wind Power Is The Future, Down With Nuclear Power!

Wind power is the future of energy. It is the most economical, cost-effective, efficient, ecologically friendly power source currently available. For human kind to live sustainably on Earth, we must obtain all we need from natural sources that will continue forever. The wind is one such source.

I am completely and forever against the evil that is nuclear power. Some may say, but nuclear power is the only cost-effective renewable power source. To that I respond:

1. Nuclear power uses uranium, an element that exists on the Earth only in a finite quantity, and nuclear  a non-renewable energy source. Calling nuclear power renewable energy source is therefore a false claim.

2. Nuclear power is only cheaper than wind energy because governments continue to subsidize nuclear more than they do wind. They do so because the nuclear lobbies are extremely powerful, and are powerful because they can produce energy cheaply due to the subsidies. This is a never-ending cycle that drains money from the taxpayer while at the same time contaminating the environment around the power plants, creating waste that will last for hundreds of thousands of years, charging the taxpayer for the storage of this waste, and contaminating groundwater with this waste.

Stop nuclear power. Wind power is the future.


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