Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello. I am Jacques d’Égalité y Libertad, and this is my blog.

First, about my name. The correct pronunciation is zhack day-gall-ih-tay ee lee-bayrr-TAD. The “Libertad” part is my Spanish maternal last name, and so, in accordance with Spanish naming customs I should be addressed as using my paternal surname, d’Égalité, which is French. (Thus you may call me “Jacques d’Égalité” or “Mr. d’Égalité” but not “Jacques Libertad” or “Mr. Libertad”.)

The whole name is, of course, a pseudonym. It name means, if translated to English, “Jack of Equality and Liberty”.

As this blog will be a mainly political one, you should know my ideologies. I consider myself to be a sort-of socialist. For Americans reading this, once you had read that your thoughts will surely have gone in a progression similar to this:

  1. So he’s a socialist…
  2. …and the must mean he’s a communist…
  3. …which means he is a Soviet…
  4. …and a totalitarian…
  5. …against the great American values of liberty, democracy, commercialism, and greed…
  6. ….AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Well, first please know that I am for those first to values, the only difference is that I am heavily against the last two. The Soviet Union put a stain on the images of socialism and communism (and note that I am no communist) for Americans. The situation has become so bad that most Americans will no longer even think rationally about communism or socialism.

Most of what I write here will be opinion pieces, though I will occasionally write some new commentary. Please feel free to post comments or questions, or suggest topics for me to write about.


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